Consultant Spotlight: Ameya Sule

by Precision Technologies Corp on September 15, 2020
Consultant Spotlight

This week, our Consultant Spotlight is shining on Ameya Sule! Ameya is a Senior HCM Consultant at a large educational institution. We recently had a great conversation with Ameya and discussed his story of getting into technology and consulting, what his favorite project has been, and why he chooses to make his career with Precision. Continue reading to learn more!

What got you into technology and consulting?
My interest in technology began at a very young age. When I was growing up, my father worked as a Computer Office for a nationalized bank. His job is what made me more interested in technology and computers. I used to observe him work on different programs and he would discuss with me the problems that he was trying to solve using the programs that he was developing. At that point in my life, I was a little too young to understand the programming language, but I loved learning about the logical part of the algorithms. My father would give me a problem and ask me how I would logically solve it and what steps I would take to get to the solution. It was this start that increased my interest in technology and computers.

As my interests in technology grew, I got into engineering. After completing my engineering degree, I began applying to jobs and received two offers from two different companies. These two companies were very different in terms of their domains and technologies, one company used an ERP domain and the other used a mainframe domain. Because I was fresh out of college, I didn’t have too much knowledge of either domains so at first, I wasn’t sure which path to take. I had an elder cousin that at the time was working in the ERP domain. I reached out to him and asked for his guidance and he assured me that ERP was up-and-coming, and it would be a great start for my technology career. I took his advice and I’ve been in this field ever since.

At the start of my career, I found that I really enjoyed consulting. I enjoy being in front of the client in meetings and discussing the real-world problems of our assignments. I like discussing the problems and being part of the solution process. Along with this, I have also enjoyed giving presentations, conducting brainstorming sessions, and stepping into a leadership role. Consulting has allowed me to do all of this and it has been a great experience thus far. Being a consultant, means you have to wear multiple hats at the same time – from being a developer or business analyst, to being a lead, solution architect or even a project manager. Being on top of things and up to speed with all aspects of the project you are working on becomes ingrained in you when you are a consultant.

What was your favorite project(s) you have worked on?
I fortunately have had the opportunity of working on various interesting and challenging projects. Out of these, the current project that I am working on is my favorite one that I have worked on so far. Currently, I am working on a project for a large educational institution. This is one of the largest HCM Implementation projects in North America, at this point in time. In this project, we are converting the HCM and Payroll data from a legacy system to an ERP system. We are converting this data for ten campuses of this institution which accounts for 250k+ employees. I began this project three years ago and started out as a developer as part of the conversion team. Eventually, I gained more responsibilities and became a vital part of the team. This ERP system is now live on every campus and we are very excited about it.

This project has proven to be my favorite for two reasons. The first reason is that it is for a great cause. The project is for the public sector, so we are actually helping the institution to save a lot of money. That money saved is able to go toward other things such as the welfare of the students and creating new programs. The second reason this project is my favorite is because of my role. As I mentioned previously, I started as a developer and my progress throughout the past three years has been a very exciting journey. In this role, I learned a lot, made new friends, and developed great colleague relationships. We also had many challenges throughout the project that required problem-solving, and that would give us all a great sense of achievement once the solution was made.

Why do you choose to work with Precision?
Precision is the fifth company I have worked for in my technology career. Precision has proved to be different from other companies because of their great management team. They are very transparent, so if I ever came to them with a question, they were very open and made sure to answer everything I was asking. They are also very accessible, so it’s easy to get in contact with someone if I ever have a question or need something. I never have any fears or uncertainties about my role because I know I can always get in contact with management and they will do everything they can to guide me. Another reason I choose to work with Precision is because of the great opportunity to grow within the company. For example, if I decide that I want to explore new technologies or domains, Precision will help me get to where I want to be in my career. Precision is very supportive of their consultant’s careers, and that’s what makes them a great company to work for.

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