Consultant Spotlight: Anshul Goyal

by Precision Technologies Corp on May 19, 2020
Consultant Spotlight

You’ve heard of our “Meet the Team” blog article series, but have you heard of “Consultant Spotlight”? We are proudly introducing another series that places a spotlight on our incredible consultants. In these blogs, discover how our consultants became involved in technology, what their favorite projects were, and why they choose to make their career with Precision. Our first featured consultant is Anshul Goyal. Anshul is a Tableau Consultant in the sports entertainment industry. Continue reading to find out more about Anshul’s great technology consulting career!

What got you into technology and consulting?
I have been working with technology for about 12 years now. When I initially chose technology as my career path, the industry was booming in India. At the time, many technology companies were hiring, and I was told to choose that path if I wanted a successful and exciting career. I knew that if I became a technology professional, I would receive many great opportunities within the industry. The truth is, being a technologist, you are able to choose from many industries to work in due to the fact that almost every company requires specific technologies.

After working in technology in India for about five (5) years, I came to the United States to complete my MBA. At the time, many companies were visiting my university’s campus and in my conversations with their representatives, I found that big data is something that is used day-to-day in every company. Data is frequently being produced, analyzed, and used within business. I kept this in mind and decided to move forward in my career using both my technology experience and knowledge of business that I gathered when receiving my MBA. That is how my career turned toward the Big Data technology industry and technology consulting.

Can you tell us about your favorite project you’ve got to work on?
My favorite project was with a market research company in New York. I developed a Tableau deliverable specifically for them. It gave the diamond industry insights necessary to make fact-based decisions. For example, it tracked what specific diamonds were selling, at what average price were they being sold, and what characteristics those diamonds held.

With this project, I needed to start from scratch. There wasn’t a deliverable like this in the diamond industry as a whole. Contributing to this project and developing this software is something I am very proud of. The project required many different steps in order for it to be successful, and I’m very proud of how it turned out and how it benefitted the company.

Why do you choose to work with Precision?
I began working with Precision Technologies just last year, and it has been a fantastic experience thus far. I received very good direction from the start. At the time, I was considering working with a couple different companies, but Precision had many positive characteristics that made me want to work them. For instance, I was very interested in a specific project and Precision proved to be very trusting and detail-oriented when it came to the information they provided me. They gave me all of the information I needed to succeed and if I ever had a question there was always someone very happy to help me. Precision helped me make decisions regarding my technology consulting career and ultimately lead me down the career path I wanted.

About Precision
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