Agile Transformation

Have you begun converting your organization to Agile? Do you understand the value Agile brings to your technology success?


In today’s fast paced world, the success of an organization depends on its ability to adapt and the pace at which it reacts.

61% of development and IT professionals describe their company as pure Agile. 51% are leaning toward Agile.

To keep up with the rapidly changing market conditions, more businesses today are embracing agile. At Precision Technologies Corp, we equip businesses with the right tools, frameworks, and strategies required to power successful agile transformation.

Business agility is vital to progress, but only when appropriate framework within Agile is engaged. Having a solid understanding of the core values, lean-mindset and frameworks is very important before blindly embracing it. Having worked several years with numerous technology clients, helping them transform to Agile driven enterprises, we have gained expertise in a rapid transformation within reasonable time and budget.

At Precision Technologies Corp, we do extremely well in delivering business agility and technology transformation solutions for businesses aspiring to lead. With a mindset of value to customers and future focused service expertise, we help clients gain true organizational agility.

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    Agile transformation facilitates increased collaboration within teams and business partners.

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    Agile teams thrive on faster feedback loops and Agile practices promote cadence based inspect and adapt cycles throughout the life of the product.

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    Agile organizations swiftly respond to changing business needs and market demands

Ready to learn how Precision Assists your Agile Transformation?

PTC’s Agile Center of Excellence (CoE)is headed by professionals who are certified experts at several Agile frameworks, and they are dedicated to implementing flawless Agile roadmaps for our clients and guide them throughout the implementation process.

Our pool of innovative Agile experts are highly experienced in the field and certified across many Agile Frameworks as well as a plethora of industries such as Finance, Telecom, Retail etc.


Increasing your Agile transformation? Precision fulfills your Agile journey


Agile Staffing

Business agility is vital to progress, but only when appropriate framework within Agile is engaged. Having a solid understanding of the core values, lean-mindset and frameworks is very important before blindly embracing it.

Agile Advisory

Our Advisory group has access to powerful knowledge repositories and propriety business models to help you in your Agile success journey

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    Agile bottle neck diagnosis tools

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    Problem Solving guidance maps

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    Strategic Cost Analysis tools

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    Value Puzzle Analysis

Agile Coaching

Our team of Agile Coaches can help you in creating the strategic coaching competencies in your organization and aid in creating great work culture that fosters lifelong learning to sustain organizational agility

Agile Training

Whether you are experimenting with one scrum team or want to take it to the entire enterprise, our Agile Trainers can help your teams succeed by training them with focus on the project team skill set needed to successfully participate and well execute their Agile Projects

A Quick Look At Our Process

We can help your team kickstart, navigate and successfully execute your agile transformation journey while integrating and aligning all cross business processes, IT systems and other support functions.

Here’s how we do it


We establish an agile strategy that is aligned with your enterprise goals


We analyze your business’ performance


We work on necessary alignment adjustments


We coach your teams through resources and experimentation


We assist in rolling out the project


We design and implement metrics to measure the results

What our clients have experienced after implementing our services

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    Highly responsive to business needs and increased business value

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    Ability to incorporate change without disrupting any other processes

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    Tighter control over

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    Stronger risk-mitigation abilities

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    Improved and highly transparent communications

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    Highly motivated employees with a visible increase in team performance

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