PMO Suite

Is your Project Management delivering on time, on scope and on budget?


Are you experiencing scope creep because your Business Analysts are not able to gather the true requirements?
Is your quality assurance, assuring quality?


“Business involvement is usually inconsistent or results in confusion. 78% of IT professionals surveyed feel the business is usually or always out of sync with project requirements.”

When it comes to handling projects, the majority of the companies face a clear challenge – bringing together people of different skill sets or having different people that have their own unique style of working. Some of the other challenges include exceeding costs, inability to factor in time, uncontrolled scope , noncompliance to laws or standards etc.

With the help of our Project Management Office (PMO), Business Analysis (BA) and Quality Analysis services, we implement services that specifies, manages, reports and monitors the projects within your firm.

Let us help drive Project Management success!

Project Management Office Services

With our PMO services, we ensure that your projects align perfectly with the established strategy, by delivering professionals who are highly capable, skilled, and experienced in meeting all of your requirements.

We ensure high-quality training and ensure the incorporation of best practices by each of the consultants to ensure success in the roles that they take up. We also deliver high-quality people, processes, tools, and results aligned with your outsourcing or project needs.



Establishing mission, strategy, objectives, and budget


Assessing risks and how to tackle them


Recruiting staff, chalking out roles and responsibilities and conducting testing if any

Monitoring & Control

Checking all supporting services that are required for the project to be successful


Post – roll out checks

Business Analysis Services

With our Business Analysis Services, we provide a solid framework and a strategic approach for everyone of your project. Our Business Analysts serve as a bridge between the business and the development team enabling the realization of the project as close to what was envisioned.

Our business analysis experts help you to identify opportunities and improve existing internal and external processes. We assess the ongoing activities within each department or section of the company to determine how much it is contributing to the overall success.

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    Documentation Specification & Analysis –We do an in-depth preparation for the project including roadmap and plans with clear specifications of workflows, devices, platforms. integrations and other important data around the project

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    Technology Research –We conduct a detailed research including feasibility studies to identify which of the available technologies and tools work best for the project

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    Company & Industry Analysis – We gather information about your business with respect to the industry such as strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities, potential threats, niche created, offerings etc. and analyze them in order to generate data to fuel next steps

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    Competition Research – We dive into a comprehensive study of your competitors and reverse engineer their solutions to see how they operate.


Is your PMO Suite world class? We drive your success!

Quality Analysis Services

Errors, bugs and glitches are an inevitable part of the software development process, even amongst the most talented and qualified development team These unwanted factors tarnish your product, operations and eventually reputation.

Our QA experts implement the latest practices and technologies to ensure efficient performance and high-quality project implementation thus delivering a solid software on time and within a specific budget. We also leverage our talent pool to provide dedicated software testing services through temporary QA teams. A dedicated team reports to you and works exclusively on your project by collaborating with your team. This approach is extremely effective for mid- and long-term projects that demand ultimate resource scalability and require product knowledge retention.

Functional testing

We perform timely software testing at every stage of the software development

Mobile testing

We do mobile software testing on all possible devices to ensure that it’s highly optimized

Usability testing

We recruit end-users and use qualified engineers to perform usability tests on all kinds of software

Automated testing

Our qualified team automate tests, prepare all the required test data and databases.

Integration testing

Our integration testing services enables your firm to save time and money on projects by pinpointing issues such as miscommunication, change in requirements etc, that occur when individual modules are put together


Here are some positive outcomes that our clients have experienced

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    Improved quality in work and faster execution owing to highly skilled and adept professionals

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    Higher tenacity, productivity, and proactiveness as opposed to internal employees

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    Cost-effectiveness through short-term hiring

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    Well organized and maintained requirements

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    More data driven and thus informed decisions

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    Increased efficiency of communications

Looking to hire specialists in the PMO Suite? Our pool of talent includes

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    Project Managers

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    Business Analyst

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    Quality Assurance

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    Release Managers/Delivery Managers

More about our Jobs services here

We, at Precision Technologies deal with permanent, fixed-term, temporary, freelance, and contract project management resources for all industry sectors. Here is a quick look into our process

Understanding the objectives and strategy of your project as well as other requirements

Using highly efficient tools to filter down candidates for your specific requirements

Further pre-screening, identifying, and creating a pool of highly qualified candidates for you to interview

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