Meet the Team: Deepali Khadakban

by Precision Technologies Corp on May 5, 2020
Meet Team

Welcome to our blog! We are kicking off with the first article in a series we like to call “Meet the Team”. In this blog series, you will virtually meet the fantastic members of our team here at Precision Technologies and find out how they began in the technology staffing industry, what they find the most exciting about working with clients and staff, and why they make their careers with Precision.

With that being said, meet Deepali Khadakban! Deepali is the Founder and CEO of Precision Technologies Corp. We were able to virtually connect with Deepali and discuss her incredible career in technology staffing. Continue reading to find out more!

What got you into technology staffing?
To start, I’m an engineer who never wanted to code, but I wanted to utilize my education toward my career. I was twenty years old when I first moved to the United States. My family was not financially secure at the time, and I remember telling my husband that I wanted to get a good job and financially support my family. So, upon moving here, I received my first job in technical recruitment. At the time, I didn’t have any experience in recruiting, and I hadn’t finished my college degree yet, but the manager decided to give me a chance. After this first position, there was no looking back as I continued to progress within the staffing industry.

I really enjoyed being a technology recruiter, and that started my passion for the staffing industry. Every time I helped someone get a job, they expressed their gratitude to me for helping them with that process. To me, that feeling of helping someone achieve their goals is priceless. It was better than any incentive or profit I would receive. Having a job is so important for everyone in order for them to live their dream and helping someone achieve their dream is an incredible feeling. It was my job in technical recruiting that lead me to start Precision Technologies Corp.

Before I started Precision, I was looking at my options for my next career move. My husband noticed how passionate I was about the staffing industry and suggested I take the plunge and start my own company. Precision was born a month after my second child was born, so we like to consider the company our “third child”. I’m very thankful for every step I took that lead me to Precision.

What do you think is exciting about working with clients and staff on their technology?
Working with the clients is always exciting because it has always been my goal to form a partnership with them. As a partner to my clients, they trust us to solve the problems they are having. As a technology recruiter, I really tried to understand my clients’ needs and what they needed to fulfill. Reaching that goal for both the client and the candidate was something I always enjoyed.

Working with clients and staff is what gave us the mission of Precision, which is to help people live their American Dream. I am very fortunate to have a team that fully supports this mission. The first thing we always think about is what we can do to get them on a job. My team lives by this every day, and it is very inspiring. It’s amazing to have a team that is so trusting and supportive, as well as always doing their best. We have touched so many lives, helped people achieve their goals which helped us achieve ours. Whether it is a client, talent, or our team members, we contribute to achieving everyone’s goals. This is always so exciting and amazing to be a part of.

What is it about Precision Technologies Corp. that makes you want to come into work every day?
Something I look forward to the most is seeing everyone’s smiles. I love hearing the great news of someone getting placed every day. Working with a team that truly believes our mission makes me want to come into work every day. The other day, my husband asked me where I would like to go on vacation when the nationwide quarantine ends, and I responded with, “the office”. My team at Precision has become a family, and it makes coming into work so much better.

Deepali’s Favorite Quotes:
“Customer first, employee first”
“Hard work + Discipline = Success”

Deepali’s Quotes:
“Each sunrise is God’s gift to me to work as a catalyst in bringing millions of smiles at home, work and everywhere I go”
“Each day is a new iteration with enormous opportunity of incremental value, for myself and people surrounding me.”
“A new sunshine is yet another opportunity to achieve something that was impossible yesterday.”

About Precision
Precision Technologies Corp. (PTC) is a leading full stack IT Company with a diversified portfolio comprising staffing services, application development, and mobility solutions and beyond. Since 2010, our clients have leveraged our staffing and consulting experience to obtain escalated technical services across the industries. We often are told that our solutions are very precise, cost-effective and process driven, thereby delivering intended results.


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