Is Your PMO Suite World Class?

by Precision on January 19, 2021
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Is your Project Management delivering on time, on scope, and on budget? Are your business analysts able to gather true requirements for a project? Is your quality assurance, assuring quality? Let us help you drive your company’s project management success! With specific and quality services, your PMO suite will be world class. Read on for advice on how to make your PMO suite world class.

The Keys to a Winning PMO Suite
Project management success is defined by many factors. This includes if the project is delivered on time, is well organized, remains within the budget, and concludes with successful results. Not only do the technical aspects of a project need to be in order, but also the project manager and team working on the project. 78% of IT professionals feel the business is usually or always out of sync with project requirements. This is all solved with a great PMO suite.

To be have an effective project management team, they must be able to:

  • Meet internal deadlines
  • Mitigate risks
  • Develop an organizational strategy
  • Create goals
  • Assign tasks to the right people
  • Have a full understanding of requirements
  • Logically solve problems
  • Aware of the budget
  • Be a great leader

These factors have a high focus on the project management process. All of these attributes ensure that you have a successful project delivery. Let’s dive deeper into what makes a PMO suite world class.

A motivated and respectful team are key to a successful project. Collaboration doesn’t just refer to the internal team -although it’s very important- but also with all external stakeholders and the customer. Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Quality Analysts should fully engage with customers and internal team, creating a shared understanding of goals and outputs.

In today’s environment, communication is more important than ever. For your PMO suite to be world class, they must have world class communication skills. A rich communication environment should be created to ensure a culture of commitment and trust amongst the team.

Leadership Abilities
One of the biggest traits individuals in project management need to possess is leadership skills. Being a trusted and responsible leader is one of the greatest keys to PMO success. In a leadership role, those in project management should be able to define a clear strategy, execute the project effectively, monitor and control the team and project, and conduct regular maintenance on the project. Having effective leadership also ensures improved quality in productivity and execution.

Be on Time and Within Budget
It goes without saying that being on time and within budget is very important in a project. These are some of the biggest aspects in a PMO suite that customers look for. The truth is, if your PMO Suite does not have this, they are not world class. Having the organization to be on time and within the budget is vital for a winning PMO suite.

We’ll ask again: is your project management delivering on time, on scope, and on budget? Are your business analysts able to gather true requirements for a project? Is your quality assurance, assuring quality? If you’re in need of a world class PMO suite, contact us! We’re here to help.


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