A Look Into Technology Trends of 2021

by Precision Technologies Corp on January 5, 2021
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2020 has finally come to a close, and we are more than ready to look ahead into the future of 2021. The future of technology is bright, with more and more predicted trends for the new year. The year 2020 has helped us all become familiar with uncertainty as well as show the importance of technology. Together, we have faced many changes and challenges, and we have come to find that new tech trends are the driving force in managing those changes.

Over the years new and emerging technologies have led the way for businesses to advance and implement their digital transformation. There are many emerging technology trends to look out for in 2021 and we are here to share them with you. Continue reading for an extensive list of emerging technology you don’t want to miss!

Tech Trends of 2021
Through research and our own findings, we were able to discover what overarching technology trends are taking place in the coming year. Forrester, a market research company, has found that the next decade requires CIOs to both respond to digital acceleration and proactively manage uncertainty. This organization has also discovered that rapidly changing consumer trends, complex security concerns, the ethical use of artificial intelligence, and the increasing impact of climate change is driving businesses to incorporate systemic risk into their long-term planning.

Below, we have highlighted tech trends and emerging technologies that are predicted to have a large role in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence
It’s no surprise that AI is currently one of the biggest tech trends; however, it is becoming even more valuable in 2021. The amount of data we collect is continuously increasing, allowing machine learning to take control. Another trend with AI is the rising demand of ethics. According to Forrester, businesses in the past that have adopted AI technologies and machine learning had paid little heed to their ethical impact. Today, values-based consumers and employees expect more. It’s predicted that over the next few years, firms will choose to do business with partners that commit to data ethics and adopt practices that reflect their values as well as their customer’s values.

Automation agendas have drastically changed due to COVID-19. It has been found that the pandemic has changed these agendas toward back-office processes and business resilience. New automation technologies will combine robotic and digital process automation with AI and low-code tools. This helps businesses become more efficient and robust, all while expanding their operations.

5G and Enhanced Connectivity
This new generation of mobile wireless communications technology offers many new benefits. The advancements of 5G include an increase in speed and responsiveness, greater capacity, lower latency, and increased bandwidth. This allows for new technologies that emerge in 2021 to become readily available at all times. With 5G also comes new Big Data and automation initiatives, which have become increasingly more important in our tech-driven world.

Virtual and Augmented Realty
In 2021, we can expect an increase of both AR and VR. Like many new tech trends, AR and VR assist in tackling challenges that were posed by COVID-19. For instance, it allows for organizations to avoid potentially dangerous situations of viral transmission.

Moving Toward Hyperlocal Business Operations
In the coming years, large businesses will improve their ability to operate hyperlocally, with regional mid-size businesses and expanding to new geographies. In order to do this, a new architecture design will take place that strategically distributes customer engagement and operations systems to important geographic regions, all while preserving centralized technology management benefits.

Driving Innovation Using Cloud-Native Technologies
Evolving cloud-native technologies are in more locations than just the public cloud. According to Forrester, cloud-native technologies such as container platforms and serverless computing will signal a new era of distributed enterprise software from cloud providers, edge providers, and software vendors alike.

Shifting Cloud Strategies Toward the Edge
In 2020, we have seen improvements in next-generation communications, cloud-native technologies, and edge computing architectures. In 2021, organizations are likely to shift their cloud strategy to include edge services.

Employee Experience and Remote Work
The world has seen a drastic shift to remote work this year, and this has caused great challenges for both individuals and businesses. In 2021, there will be a flourishment of remote work, automation, and HR tech. According to Interesting Engineers, remote work will permanently increase to 300% of pre-pandemic levels. Long-term initiative through emerging technology will allow for employee engagement when working from home. Not only is there an expected change from a technology standpoint, but also from an environment, leadership, change management, and career-growth perspective.

The technology trends of 2021 are both exciting and innovative. In 2021, Precision Technologies wishes everyone a happy and healthy New Year. We are still in this together!



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