Digital Transformation: Get the Answers to All of Your Questions

by Precision Technologies Corp on October 20, 2020
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At the kickoff of 2020, Digital Transformation was already at the top of the radar for most mid- and large-sized companies; however, the pandemic has escalated both the need and value of digital transformation. Digital Transformation is no longer an issue for just the mid and large-sized companies, it is now an issue for all business. Technology has always moved quickly, and the pandemic has forced it to move beyond light speed.

No surprise, therefore, that at any given time, businesses will vary in their digital maturity, depending on the sector they’re in, the quality of their leadership and business planning, and the agility with which new business processes — both customer-facing and internal — can be developed and implemented.

The questions in many people’s minds are:

  • How do you approach a digital transformation strategy?
  • What has worked well or not well for other companies?
  • How do you approach business value?
  • What are some of the emerging digital solutions?
  • How does AI play into my digital transformation?
  • How has COVID-19 influenced digital transformation?


All are great questions and there are many more. We have assembled a panel of technology experts from pharma, non-profit, food & manufacturing, and technology to answer your questions. The panelists include:


Vishal Gupta
Global CTO & Sr. VP. Technology Solutions




Julio Lujambio
Global Head of Delivery & Mobile Service Delivery
Alexion Pharmaceuticals




Sarah Angel-Johnson
Chief Information Officer
Save the Children




Tom Daley
formerly Global IT Applications Director



“2020 is certainly a unique year in our history. We have all experienced a great deal over the last six months, but some good things have come out of this as well,” said Deepali Khadakban, CEO of Precision Technologies Corp. “Each of our organizations have had to turn our workforce into a remote workforce and the ability to do business primarily online has pushed digital transformation forward at an amazing rate. These great panelists are going to share some tremendous insights and we look forward to the event.”

Each of these panelists will bring their unique viewpoints to digital transformation and address the questions that assist the audience. Are you at the beginning of your digital transformation journey or in the middle? Have you had starts and stops? Are you trying to determine the business value?

This panel discussion gives you insights from experts that have been in your position and can answer the tough questions. Join us October 27th at 11am eastern by registering today. Simply go to to learn more as well as register. You are not going to want to miss this event.

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