by Precision Technologies Corp on April 18, 2018
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Businesses need the newest technology in order for them to succeed. What this often means for IT departments is a constant evolution, meeting the needs of the business while becoming experts in the latest technology trends. If you want to make yourself more valuable as an IT professional, it’s crucial that you follow these trends closely so that you can be prepared for when an employer may want to implement them for their business…

Block chain technology: this represents some of the best in digital encryption and while block chain is commonly associated with the use of cryptocurrency, is useful for a variety of other projects. Companies today are using block chain to distribute ledger records, for smart contracts and for improving security. It is starting to make changes in many industries as well as lead to improvements with security.

Ditching the laptop: Mobile devices have been a big part of the workforce for several years now. With the improvements to processing power in many tablet devices and smart phones, most of the actions that employees are taking on as part of their regular work can be done on a smart phone or tablet device. IT departments need to work on security protocols and device management to make sure that they can keep up with a business that could potentially issue hundreds of mobile devices across its workforce.

Cloud as standard: with the recurring use of this mobile technology, the idea of traditional storage and traditional software is becoming an old standard. Cloud-based technology is making it easy for any employee to access their files or even utilize desktop applications in the office on a smartphone. New connections through edge computing actually allows for the use of computing power to be shared over the cloud as well. This type of distributed processing power and with the wide spread nature of business data, IT departments will have to change the way that they perform system maintenance, software updates and regulate device access.

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