Consultant Spotlight: Anshul Goyal

Consultant Spotlight: Anshul Goyal

You’ve heard of our “Meet the Team” blog article series, but have you heard of “Consultant Spotlight”? We are proudly introducing another series that places a spotlight on our incredible consultants. In these blogs, discover how our consultants became involved in technology, what their favorite projects were, and why they choose to make their career with Precision. Our first featured consultant is Anshul Goyal. Anshul is a Tableau Consultant in the sports entertainment industry. […]


  In order to become an expert IT professional, it remains extremely important that you regularly update your skills. With the rapid advancement of technology there are always new paths that you can take within IT. Understanding the demands and terms of technology in the market often means tracking industry trends.   Here are some of the advantages that you can receive by regularly going in for training and development as an IT professional: […]


Share this Post Businesses need the newest technology in order for them to succeed. What this often means for IT departments is a constant evolution, meeting the needs of the business while becoming experts in the latest technology trends. If you want to make yourself more valuable as an IT professional, it’s crucial that you follow these trends closely so that you can be prepared for when an employer may want to implement them […]